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Friday, August 15, 2008

Work/Bratwurst Festival/Remodeling

For the rest of you in Ohio....isn't this mild weather in August fantastic? I'm definitely ready for fall. Work has been keeping me pretty busy. We entered a float in the Bratwurst Parade, so I worked on organizing that. We won the Chamber of Commerce Award. Other than that, I haven't been doing too much. Isaac and I finished remodeling our bathroom a few weeks ago. Now, we've redone every room in the house except the one bedroom upstairs. We have a few months though before the nursery needs to be ready!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I know it's been forever since I've posted anything. Isaac and I haven't been up to too much. We went with my sister to a Red's game at the end of March, we've planted our garden for this year, we took a trip to Dawes Arboretum, the Columbus Zoo, and a Columbus Clippers game over vacation a couple weeks ago, and we finally splurged last weekend and bought a pool. We decided it was cheaper and more fun than buying another air conditioner for our house. I will have to post some pictures when I have a chance.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our Little Boy

Not too much new going on with us. I just thought I'd share some of our latest pictures of our spoiled rotten cat.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Okay...The pictures aren't showing up, but I think if you click on them, it will take you to the local newspaper for pictures of the flooding.


Wow...I've seen more water in the past couple days than I ever want to see again. All I can say is praise God for waking Isaac and I from our sleep at 2:30am Tuesday morning. Since we got up to look at the pounding rain, we saw that our street was under water and ran to the basement to see how much was there. At the time, we could still see the basement floor so we have to rush and move everything to higher ground, including our washer and dryer. By the time it was all said and done, we have about a foot and a half of water in our basement, caused mostly by the drain backing up and sending water into our house from the street. Our backyard flooded as well and I'm afraid I lost my garden, but thankfully we still have our house. We live in a higher section of town and never in a million years would have guessed we'd end up with water. Our neighbors said that in the 25 years they've lived in their house, they've never had so much water. Although we spent all day Tuesday cleaning out the basement and were completely exhausted I feel guilty in complaining. There were so many homes in town that were completely destroyed by the water. Most people around here don't have flood insurance since it rarely ever floods, even though the Sandusky River runs through town and unfortunately most of the homes destroyed were in the poorest parts of town. Please keep our town and those in the other counties around the state that were declared disaster areas in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Okay. I just have to vent for a moment because I'm really irritated. Why do people think that it's fun to steal other people's property? People typically work hard for the things they have and to have some idiots just come and completely disrespect that simple fact --that annoys me. We, and others in our neighborhood, had landscaping lights stolen over the weekend. It's not the material items that upset me so much as the fact that I feel a little less safe and I feel a little less trusting.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


The Past Couple Weeks

Since the weather has been so beautiful the past couple weeks, we've been outside when we aren't at work. We've got all of our flowers planted and our garden set. Some of the crops are starting to come up already and I'm so excited! It's such a great feeling to see what you planted growing. We scaled back the garden this year and I'm much happier with this arrangement. We created four different raised beds. This allows the soil to warm up quicker and thus you can plant earlier and it makes it much easier to weed. We had an enromous garden last year and it became a bit overwhelming. If all goes well, we'll have radishes and lettuce ready in a couple weeks and then in July and August, we'll have cucumbers, zucchinni, onions, tomatoes, green beans and carrots. We've also got an herb garden growing with lemon thyme, lavendar, rosemary, spearmint, and catnip for Woodrow.

We also went to the Columbus Zoo last weekend for our anniversary. It's probably been about 10 years since I've been to the zoo and longer for Isaac so we had a good time.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


We've been working more on the house. I thought I'd post a few pictures. I love the woodwork, but it's defintely a lot of dusting. We wallpapered the entry way on our "vacation" last October and just a few weeks ago replaced the carpeting on the stairs. The previous owners had carpeted over carpeting, so image have two layers of carpeting to pull up and padding so old it had turned to dust. It was not a pleasant experience, but the finished product was worth it.